Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great New Find!

Today I heard this song over the radio that sounded just like Vampire Weekend. I'm so happy I wrote down some of the lyrics to look up online because this was a song by a band I hadn't heard of before.

Foster the People is the great new band! The song I heard on the radio is called "Pumped Up Kicks." I tried to look up some info on these guys but all I got is that they're from LA and they're coming to SXSW! I don't know why I never decide to go to SXSW, it sounds like it was created just for my enjoyment!!! 

Here's their music video, check out their EP on iTunes! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

My most recent playlist

In spirit of my BFF, Liz’s, day of birth,  I created a fabulous CD for her!  I am actually very excited about this one.  It features songs I downloaded free from and also tracks I read about in Rolling Stone.  I also recently purchased the latest Decemberists album, The King Is Dead. I'm enjoying it thus far and decided to add my two favorites from the new release.

I wish I could somehow put all the songs from the playlist on the blog but instead I will leave you with the list of songs and perhaps a few videos to give you a sample of the masterpiece!

1. Mine is Yours -- Cold War Kids
2. Brick Shoes -- Mona
3. Dancing On My Own -- Robyn
4. Girls with Accents -- Fences
5. Down By the Water -- The Decemberists
6. I Dont Feel Like Dancing -- Scissor Sisters
7. Royal Blue -- Cold War Kids
8. Too Much -- Sufjan Stevens
9. Written in Reverse -- Spoon
10. Living in America -- DOM
11. I Can Change -- LCD Soundsystem
12. Begin Again -- Measure
13. This Is Why We Fight -- The Decemberists
14. Let's Get Out Of Here -- Les Savy Fav
15. Communion -- Maximum Ballon/Karen O
16. Blinking Pigs -- Little Dragon
17. Whirring -- The Joy Formidable
18. Texico Bitches -- Broken Social Scene

"Mine is yours" -- CWK

"Living in America" -- DOM

"Whirring" -- The Joy Formidable