Monday, December 27, 2010

My new favorite music to chill to

I recently discovered the band Land of Talk while aimlessly clicking through artists that iTunes says I may “like.” I’m so happy they did!  Land of Talk’s lead singer, Elizabeth Powell, has been featured in songs by Broken Social Scene, which drew me to her music. 

Powell’s voice is soft and almost bluesy and the music ranges from a folk rock to alternative.  If I were to make a playlist with her music, Beach House would be an obvious addition to it because they have the same soft sound. 

I have not listened to all of the albums yet; however, I personally love her song “It’s Okay.” It’s about goodbyes and letting go, a little depressing but I still like it!  All of her songs are great to chill to, check them out!  

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What I'm listening to... instead of studying for finals...

I recently found this new song called "All for you" by Dr Meaker.  They are a live dance band from Bristol, UK.  The music has a catchy base and drumming beat while the vocals are deep and raspy like Inara George or  Goldfrapp.

I was not aware of the band until I heard the song on my new guilty pleasure, "Skins,"a BBC show that takes place in Bristol.  They have many decent songs on the show which, unfortunately, my "Shazam" will not trace.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Ain't A Scene


Currently, my new obsession is with The Henry Clay People's song, "This Ain't a Scene."  I got the song from my ACL iPhone App and haven't stopped listening to it since.  It's pretty much on every playlist I have made lately.

They started out touring with Silversun Pickups and Against Me!, two bands that are decent, the former more so than the latter.  My iTunes Genius seems to compare them to Brand New and Local Natives, which, to me, are on opposite sides of the rock spectrum.  I think of them as more of a soft rock band.

I feel like I am not doing them much justice here.  Just check out the song.  In my opinion it's their best hit. I also enjoy "You Can Be Timeless," from the "For Cheap For Free" Album. There are two versions of "This Ain't a Scene."  I personally prefer the "Somewhere on the Golden Coast" version.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Perfect music to relax with

 Freelance Whales at ND501 11/11/10

I had the opportunity to see Freelance Whales at ND501 in Austin a week ago.  Their music is great for when you’re driving around town or listening to music to go to sleep.  The lead singer, Judah Dadone, has a soft-toned voice that reminds of someone like Sufjan Stevens. 

The concert was great!  They use many different instruments so it’s not as if all of the songs sound pretty similar, they all have their own unique sound.  “The Great Estates” is definitely on my “PM” playlist I play when I’m getting ready to go to sleep, while “Hannah” has more of an electronic sound to it.  The entire “Weathervanes” album is worth checking out.

As a side note, Miniature Tigers opened for Freelance Whales.  I had never heard of them but became a new fan right when they started playing.  I think their music sounds like Vampire Weekend, which is always a positive thing of course.  They are also a band one should check out! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Matt & Kim's New Album "Sidewalks" = Amazing!

Matt & Kim playing at ACL 2010

Unlike many artists out there, Matt & Kim continue to make outstanding songs in their third album "Sidewalks." Not only does their music make them amazing, but their chemistry as well.  I was fortunate enough to see their show at Austin City Limits this past October.  Their set includes a drum set and keyboard but don't let the size fool you, their show was engaging and the way they changed up their songs made the experience different from just listening their CD.  

My personal favorite song on this new release is "Wires." I can't get enough of this song!  What I like is that after about 3.5 minutes of listening, you think the song is over, but wait there's more!  It finishes with such an upbeat sound that anyone's spirits can be lifted by it.  

Check out their new album on iTunes, it's currently in the Top 100.  It's definitely a good purchase; every song has the effect of getting you pumped up! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Boat Times

I first discovered Blue Foundation's Eyes on Fire on Twilight but recently I heard the Zeds Dead Remix while jamming out on a friend's boat on Lake Travis.  The heavy bass beat gives the song a new feel.  Reminds me more of a Bassnectar song rather than an Emo Twilight Tune.

Check out this Remix, it's fun for chilling or getting ready to go out with friends.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Brandon Flowers' New Solo Album

The Killer's lead singer and keyboardist, Brandon Flowers, released his solo album, "Flamingo," this month.  "Flamingo" looks promising with an iTunes ratings of 4 1/2 stars.  Flower's first single "Crossfire" also has high popularity ratings.  This single takes me back to The Killers' premier album and my personal favorite, "Hot Fuss."

Another song from the album to be on the lookout for is "Only the Young."  It's a song on the slower side but with a catchy harmony.

I enjoy majority of the songs, I will say however, that a few do still have the "later-Killers-albums" feel that I don't necessarily approve of but I love more than I dislike.

I can't wait for this Tour!