Friday, February 4, 2011

My most recent playlist

In spirit of my BFF, Liz’s, day of birth,  I created a fabulous CD for her!  I am actually very excited about this one.  It features songs I downloaded free from and also tracks I read about in Rolling Stone.  I also recently purchased the latest Decemberists album, The King Is Dead. I'm enjoying it thus far and decided to add my two favorites from the new release.

I wish I could somehow put all the songs from the playlist on the blog but instead I will leave you with the list of songs and perhaps a few videos to give you a sample of the masterpiece!

1. Mine is Yours -- Cold War Kids
2. Brick Shoes -- Mona
3. Dancing On My Own -- Robyn
4. Girls with Accents -- Fences
5. Down By the Water -- The Decemberists
6. I Dont Feel Like Dancing -- Scissor Sisters
7. Royal Blue -- Cold War Kids
8. Too Much -- Sufjan Stevens
9. Written in Reverse -- Spoon
10. Living in America -- DOM
11. I Can Change -- LCD Soundsystem
12. Begin Again -- Measure
13. This Is Why We Fight -- The Decemberists
14. Let's Get Out Of Here -- Les Savy Fav
15. Communion -- Maximum Ballon/Karen O
16. Blinking Pigs -- Little Dragon
17. Whirring -- The Joy Formidable
18. Texico Bitches -- Broken Social Scene

"Mine is yours" -- CWK

"Living in America" -- DOM

"Whirring" -- The Joy Formidable

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