Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Icona Pop's single "I LOVE IT" is my new favorite song to listen to when I'm in the mood to get pumped up or party. It's been on my radar for about 2 months now, thanks to Sirius XMU, but I finally found it on Spotify and therefore listen to it all of the time! 

My favorite line: "You're from the 70's but I'm a 90's bitch! I don't care. I love it!" - I love it!

This band is just another reason why I love what Scandinavia has produced (music-wise) — i.e., Lykke Li, Of Monsters & Men, ROBYN, Peter Bjorn & John, Royksopp, Bjork, Ace of Bass ;)

If you haven't checked out some of those bands before, they're definitely worth your time! Royksopp and Bjork are a little out there but most of the others have some mainstream songs that most people can enjoy. 

I'm leaving you with a classic for all of you "90's bitches" — Ace of Base "The Sign."

You are welcome.

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